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Cat Beds...

Cat bed

Cats on a typical day can spend anywhere from 16 to 20 hours sleeping. May as well make sure the lucky little fella is as comfortable as possible. Check out our full range of Beds, Hammocks and sleeping mats.

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Cat Trees...

Cat tree

Cats love to climb and explore. They also like to shred your furniture, slowly and overtime so that you dont notice it happening. These cat trees are designed with scratching posts, climbing frames and sleeping areas. It's like having a bed at the gym.

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Cat Toys...

Cat Toys

Playing with your cat can be the most rewarding experience, full of joy and laughter. At least that is untill you are shown to be no match for your little ninja warrior. Stay at arms length with a full range of cat toys.

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Cat grooming..

After sleeping, grooming is the cats next favourite thing. They like to be groomed as it reminds them of the security of their Mother. It's very relaxing to groom your cat and it can have health benefits. Check out our range of safety gear and or grooming aids.

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Flea Treatments...

flea treatment

We all know how uncomfortable insect bites can be. Well it's just the same for cats. Left unchecked fleas can drive your cat wild. Causing them to scatch themselves raw and be unable to settle. Treating infestations couldn't be easier with the wide range of products now available.

 Keep your pets treated for a happy & contented clean cat.

TIP of the day.... Vacume cleaning your home reggularly will disrupt the life cycle of fleas. Helping to keep you, your cat and your home clean and flea free.

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