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BonPussy chilli sauce is a rich and tasty chilli sauce, made from an original Jamaican family recipe that has passed down the generations to bring a taste of home to every meal. BonPussy Chilli Sauce is a skillful blend of the finest ingredients, grown under the West Australian Sun. A traditional recipe that is spicy, aromatic and versatile - like all island people. Handmade, 110% All Natural, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Tested on Humans. Hand made in Cockburn Western Australia, (its Co-burn).


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Our rich and aromatic sauces are ideal for use as condiments or as marinades on your favorite veggies, meats or seafood. Check out our Cooking with BonPussy Videos for some great recipe ideas.

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Jerk Sauce

For a special treat try our acclaimed Jerk Sauce ideal for making the world famous Jamaican Jerk chicken. See our recipe section for more ideas....

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We are growers producers which allows us the finest ingredients for the best products.

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Our own grown hand picked.
Grown without pesticides or herbicides and fed on organic foods only.

The hot Perth climate and clean environment makes for ideal growing conditions.



Our product range is subject to seasonal variation due to the nature of the availability of our ingredients. We have to grow them first.

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Seasonal Fruits.
We use fresh seasonal local fruits in products so when the Mulberry trees are flush its time to make our wickedly delicious Chilli and Mulberry Sauce.

Try our BonScotch made from our Scotch Bonnet chillies and WA mangos. Firey hot and devine..

Check out our cooking with BonPussy videos
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