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Slow braised Jerk Beef

The slow cooking of this dish ends ups with the most succulent and delicious meal fit for a king.

Slow Braised Jerk Beef

Ingredients Serves 4 to 6
600gm diced beef, should have plenty of fat on it to keep it moist and juicy
2 tsp BonPussy Jerk Paste
1 Chopped onion
4 chopped tomatoes
2 Tbls mild chilli puree This can be red capsicum or paprika puree (make your own by whizzing them up)
1 cup milk
1/2 cup peas
1 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp salt
A little oil for frying
Cooked Basmati rice
A Sprinkle of BonPussy Coconut Ting
Salad greens


In a heavy pot fry the beef until well browned. Add the Jerk Paste and stir through. Add the onion, tomato and chilli puree and stir through. Add the milk, stir in and bring to the boil. Add the sugar and salt to taste. Lid the pan and allow the dish to simmer gently on a low heat for 2.5 hrs - or untill the meat is tender. Add the peas just before serving to keep them green and plump.

Mix the Coconut Ting through the warm cooked rice and serve with your salad.

Bon appetit!


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